Jewelry Care

Keep Your OPERA Jewelry Sparkling Like New!

Sara Miranda

Gives you some basic tips on the care, maintenance and cleaning of your custom jewelry

It is more than possible that a piece of our brand OPERA in brass with gold plating rests in your jeweler, they have the appearance of a gold jewel and are cheaper. But do you know how you should take care of them?

In jewelry there are different techniques to bathe a piece in gold, although all consist of depositing a layer of gold on the surface of it. This deposit is achieved by different chemical or electrochemical processes. It is possible to give baths of different thicknesses or "microns". Obviously, the greater the amount of gold deposited on the surface of the piece, the higher its price and greater its durability, although we must bear in mind that it will never have the unchanging and imperishable character of a jewel made entirely of gold.

Therefore, it is necessary to take certain precautions so that the bath lasts as long as possible.

To care for your gold-plated jewelry, you must follow some simple tips:

1._ Do not do sports activities with jewelry.

2._ Avoid contact of the jewel with cosmetic or household products that can damage its color: lacquers, perfumes, shampoos etc ...

3._ To clean the jewelry you should use a chamois or a soft dry cloth.

4._ It is necessary to check frequently that the closures are in good condition.

5._ You should not expose the jewelry to sudden changes in temperature.

6._ It is preferable to store the jewels individually in their original cases for proper conservation.

7._ If you use a jewelry box, make sure the pieces are in separate compartments.

However, keep in mind that the PH of your skin itself can alter the color of your jewelry, so it may be necessary to renew the baths periodically.